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Gayle Anderson was live in downtown Los Angeles with a previewof the wild, wacky and very fast Red Bull Soapbox Race returning toDowntown Los Angeles May 21st, 2011. Last seen in Los Angeles in2009, the event drew a crowd of more than 110,000 to the streets ofdowntown Los Angeles to watch 40 teams race for glory. The urbancourse featured a 90-degree turn and tight chicanes, and, ofcourse, a steep hill – some teams even reachedspeeds of over 45mph! Applications are now being accepted for the2011 event, and will close Friday, March 25th. A team of expertswill pick the top 40 entries to participate in the race. Entry isopen to anyone!
Red Bull Soapbox Race, featuring some of the wildest legal streetracing around, is set to once again screech into Los Angeles for a2011 pit stop. While the city is renowned for its traffic gridlock,on May 21 the usually clogged streets of downtown Los Angeles willtransform into a bona fide drag strip! Approximately 40 teams willcompete in this non-motorized racing event, which encourages gearheads and adrenaline junkies alike to break out their toolboxes andbuild outrageous human-powered vehicles designed to thrill themasses. On May 21, these speed demons will race down Grand Avenueand brave a razor sharp turn onto 5th Street in downtown LosAngeles, crossing the finish line right in front of PershingSquare. Although it's the same location as the 2009 Red BullSoapbox Race, racers beware- you're in for a whole new set ofchallenges!
CALLING ALL SPEED DEMONS: Ever wanted to speed past a crowd ofthousands as they cheer you on to victory? Red Bull Soapbox Race iscalling! Teams can enter their engineering marvels and crazyconcepts with a formal application found Again, don't delay –get that concept submitted ASAP, as applications MUST be submittedby March 25.
Teams will need more than just courage to claim victory on thesecity streets as they will be judged on three criteria: speed,creativity and showmanship. So, make it fast…and fun! Previous events have proven that the most outlandishcrafts are typically the big winners, so put on your creativitycaps and let loose. In 2009 a heavy metal-inspired death machine,the Mach I from "Speed Racer" and the flying Winnebago from"Spaceballs" all graced the Los Angeles winner's podium. Also onthe track were a giant brain, the creatures from "Where the WildThings Are" and the DeLorean from "Back to the Future."
DRIVERS, START YOUR IMAGINARY ENGINES: Each soapbox must bepowered by gravity and imagination, which means no stored power orexternal energy sources allowed. And size does matter! All vehiclesmust be less than six feet wide and 20 feet in length, no more thanseven feet high and cannot weigh more than 176 lbs (not includingthe driver). Drivers must be at least 18 years old, but engineersand grease monkeys of all ages are welcome to be part of the fiveperson team.
As the only race in 2011, the Los Angeles event will be the tenthU.S. Red Bull Soapbox Race to ever take place, with the firststateside race held in St. Louis in 2006. The global event datesback to 2000, when it first took place in Belgium, and has sincevisited almost 30 countries.
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