Great White Shark Circles Fishing Boat Off Venice Beach

VENICE BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) -- It looks like a scene straight out of Jaws, but this is not a movie produced in Hollywood.

It's home video out of Venice Beach, where Nico Schwarcz says a massive great white shark swam up to his friend's fishing boat.

It happened around sunset on Thursday, according to Schwarcz.

He said the shark was "slowly just circling looking at us... getting closer and closer pretty much."

The shark, which appeared larger than the 18-foot boat, seemed to get aggressive and left a few teeth marks on part of the motor.

"It was definitely a big enough shark to knock the boat over," Schwarcz said.

Experts say great white sharks are thriving in Southern California waters.

The population has been growing since laws were passed in 1994 to protect them.

Despite the threat, beachgoers trying to beat the heat told KTLA they weren't afraid to swim in the waters.

But it did scare Schwarcz and his friends right back to shore.

"Big daddy came around and started circling the boat and then started biting the boat and then we decided to leave."

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