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Allie Mac Kay was live from a roasting and brewing facility called Handsome Coffee Roasters in Downtown L.A.

Handsome Coffee Roasters is led by Phillips, the only American to ever win the World Barista Championship (2010), along with coffee industry pros, Tyler Wells and Chris Owens. When the company launched, the men had only their talents to their name. Using the power of social media, they created a splash in the coffee world by offering their first roasts via subscription on Twitter. The program was called the Handsome Wager, which consisted of the First Forty, a wait-listed circle of 40 followers from across the globe who were instantly shipped Handsome Coffee beans. The company then signed a select group of a dozen wholesale partners, including RBC NYC in New York, Volta in Florida and Coffee Bar in downtown Los Angeles. Soon after, Handsome Coffee rolled open an online store, which was an immediate success as the public poured in to buy their beans. The gents also were busy spreading the word by supporting over 50 live events nationwide, serving Handsome Coffee at museums, weddings and gallery events.

Now, with thousands of fans and supporters, the men are happy to present their flagship coffee bar set in the Arts District of downtown L.A. Handsome Coffee Roasters will be officially open for business in February 2012. The roastery and coffee bar will offer customers a look into the entire operation. The space at 582 Mateo will be partitioned by 13-foot glass and metal walls, so visitors can see the front-of-house retail coffee bar, the roastery and the back-of-house wholesale operations all while enjoying a cup of the finest coffee anywhere.

For more information on Handsome Coffee Roasters and to buy some coffee, go to http://www.handsomecoffee.com/ and follow them on Twitter: @HandsomeRoaster.


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