Report: John Edwards Engaged to Mistress

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HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. -- Former presidential candidate John Edwards is reportedly engaged to his mistress, Rielle Hunter.

A little over two weeks ago, Edwards announced that he was the father of Hunter's two-year-old daughter.

Since then, Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, have legally separated.

But according to the National Enquirer, who broke the previous Edwards' scandal, the former North Carolina Senator proposed to his mistress on the same day he revealed his child born out of wedlock.

Edwards is also reportedly buying a $3.5 million dollar beach house for his new family.

The National Enquirer says Edwards expects his divorce from his cancer-stricken wife to be completed within a year, paving the way for his marriage to Hunter.

A spokeswoman for John Edwards is denying the Enquirer's article, much like his people did before the previous scandal.

For the Enquirer's full article on the Edwards' engagement, click HERE

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