Knife-Wielding Man Runs onto Court at Clippers Game

Los Angeles ClippersLos Angeles Police DepartmentStaples CenterRandy FoyeAl-Farouq Aminu

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- Officials are still unclear as to what prompted a man with a large knife to run onto the court just before a Clippers game Saturday morning.

The arena was put on lockdown around 11am. Clippers Randy Foye and Al-Farouq Aminu, along with a couple of Clippers coaches were on the court warming up at the time of the incident.

A security officer reportedly noticed an individual walking around the building coming close to an employee entrance. The individual then pulled out a knife.

Security chased the man as he ran onto the court. Los Angeles Police Department officers tried to talk with the man before tackling him near the Cavaliers' bench and taking him into custody.

The weapon was reportedly the size of a steak knife or larger.

Players watched the spectacle unfold on a video monitor in a hallway outside their locker rooms. There were no reports of injuries and the game proceeded on schedule.

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