Newport Beach Hospital Unveils New Lab To Reduce Stress

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NEWPORT BEACH (KTLA) -- Patients might think they're at a spa rather than a hospital. But at a Newport Beach hospital, that's the point.

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach has a new electrophysiology laboratory for patients with heart conditions that is set up to lessen the need for anesthesia and relieve tension.

"Understandably, these procedures can cause a lot of anxiety for patients," said Jay Lee, a doctor at the hospital.

"So having an environment like this -- with positive distractions and ambient lighting -- we hope will reduce their stress levels and enable us physicians on the team to treat them better."

The lab plays soft music and calming visuals that are designed to relax patients.

It also features a zero gravity radiation shield to replace those heavy lead vests for x-rays.

It hangs from the ceiling, allowing the doctor to sit behind it and work more freely.

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