ND Student Dies Filming Practice After Prophetic Final Tweets

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A Notre Dame student killed while videotaping football practice posted several ominous messages prior to the tragic accident.

Declan Sullivan, a 20-year-old junior from Long Grove, Ill., was killed when the scissor tower he was videotaping practice in toppled under windy conditions.

Sullivan wrote his first message at 3.22pm saying: 'Gust of wind up to 60mph well today will be fun at work... I guess I've lived long enough.'

The second message, sent at 4.06pm, read: 'Holy f*** holy f*** this is terrifying.'

The tower toppled to the ground with Sullivan inside at around 4.50pm.

He died after being rushed from the practice complex to a South Bend hospital.

Indiana's workplace safety agency said Thursday it was investigating the death.

The National Weather Service said winds in the area were gustingto 51 mph at the time when the hydraulic scissor lift, which can belowered or raised depending on needs, toppled. The football teamhad practiced indoors on Tuesday because of the blustery conditionscaused by a fierce storm that swept through the region.

It was not clear who made the scissor lift. But onemanufacturer of scissor lifts, HHS Wire, said on its website thatthe device should not be used in winds above 25 mph.

Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration spokesmanMarc Lotter said Thursday the agency had an investigator on thescene in South Bend. He said it was too early to say when theagency, which has the authority to levee fines, might release areport.

The university did not return calls seeking comment onWednesday, and it was not clear who authorized Sullivan to go up inthe scissor lift to videotape Wednesday's practice.

"Declan was a diligent student worker in our video departmentand had a tremendous personality and great sense of humor," Coach

Brian Kelly said Wednesday in a release. "He brightened the daysfor all that had the privilege to work with him, and the Notre Damefootball family will dearly miss him."

Notre Dame was making grief counselors available for students,and university president Rev. John Jenkins will preside over aspecial Mass in Sullivan's memory on Thursday.

"We are deeply saddened by this tragic loss," Jenkins said."Our hearts go out to the student's family and friends and ourprayers and profound sympathies are with them during thisincredibly difficult time. The loss of someone so young is aterrible shock and a great sadness. Our entire community shares inthe family's grief."

The Fighting Irish, who host Tulsa this Saturday, canceledpost-practice interviews after Wednesday's accident.

"In the midst of a season where you are disappointed with theoutcomes ... you can lose sight of what's most important. Sad dayat practice," senior linebacker Brian Smith posted on his Twitterpage on Wednesday. "I will never forget today."

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