VIDEO: QVC Host Faints on Air, Co-Host Keeps Selling

QVC (tv network)

It was a scary sight for the viewers of the shopping channel QVC when one of the hosts fainted on air.

It happened on Sunday during the show "Sundays with Carolyn and Dan," as guest host Cassie Slane was talking about a kid-friendly tablet.

"Kids love tablets. They love playing with tablets, they love the games," Slane said before mumbling incoherently and stumbling into Hughes with her hands at her chest.

The camera cut away to a shot of the tablet device, and Hughes kept right on selling while Slane was helped back to her feet.

The camera returned to the pair, and Slane picked up where she left off, but she soon started slurring her words again.

At that point, the camera again cut away, and Hughes admitted, "Cassie's having a little problem."

A QVC rep said Slane suffered a "brief fainting spell," and was now doing fine.

Slane later tweeted: "Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Feeling better today."

Carolyn Gracie, the show's other regular host, wrote to a Facebook fan that Cassie "had a couple of fainting spells due to low blood sugar."

This was the second time Slane has collapsed on air. The same thing happened during another QVC segment in 2010.

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