Two-Legged Dog, "Roo" Finds Loving Home

RIVERSIDE (KTLA) -- The puppy that stole our hearts has found a home. "Roo" the two-legged Chihuahua was adopted by Yvette Bocz of Ventura County Wednesday morning.

Bocz said adopting Roo is, "A wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday gift."

Roo is believed to have been born without any front legs. He arrived at the Riverside County Animal Shelter last week and once his story aired, the shelter was inundated with hundreds of calls from potential adopters.

More than 50 people sent in adoption applications but it was Bocz, who included a handwritten, heartfelt letter that won over shelter folks.

Roo, which is short for kangaroo, appeared to be happy with his new owner who cried and kissed the little pup upon their initial meeting.

Roo's tailed wagged as Bocz held him close, wrapping him up in her scarf to protect him from the cool air. Bocz says she doesn't know if she'll keep his name or give him a new name. "We'll see what his personality will be, we may change his name to Joey."

John Welsh, spokesman for Riverside County Animal Services says while Roo's story is a great one, he's "one of the lucky ones," as the shelter has dozens of other Chihuahuas-- including Roo's three siblings-- who are still available for adoption.


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