Cold Snap: Interior Areas See Sub-Freezing Temps


LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- You might want to bundle up as you head out the door Tuesday morning.

That's because sub-freezing temperatures across interior areas were expected again Monday night into Tuesday morning.

A freeze warning has been issued through 9 a.m. Tuesday for the Antelope Valley, as well as the San Luis Obispo interior valleys.

The National Weather Service said temperatures would drop into the lower to mid 20s overnight.

The lowest temperatures were expected to occur between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m.

The hard freeze conditions could kill unprotected crops and sensitive plants, and people and pets can suffer hypothermia from prolonged exposure.

Forecasters also warn that outdoor pipes could freeze in the Antelope Valley.

The chilly temperatures have been good news for our local mountains, where the ski season has begun.

Mountain High has been making snow around the clock for several days, and was open for skiers and snowboarders as of Sunday.

Both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, sister ski resorts in Big Bear, opened for business Monday after a weekend of making snow.

Father north, Mammoth Mountain opened up for the season on Friday.

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