Vampires Score Big at Teen Choice Awards

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UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. -- Maybe they should switch the name to the Vampire Choice Awards? Bloodsuckers struck another vein at the Teen Choice Awards with "The Twilight Saga" ruling Sunday's ceremony with 12 wins, including choice fantasy movie and villain, while "The Vampire Diaries" sucked up seven surfboard-shaped trophies at the taped ceremony, which is scheduled to air Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.

"This is what this night is all about," said a gothed-out KatyPerry. " Vampires."

The goofy "California Girls" singer hosted the show with themale stars of "Glee." Besides going goth, her costume changesincluded donning hippie garb next to Kevin McHale, being crownedprom queen with prom king Chris Colfer, geeking out with MarkSalling and landing a split as a cheerleader alongside CoryMonteith.

"Tonight is my chance to go back to high school," said Perry,"although this time people actually like me."

Voters continued to really like "Twilight" stars TaylorLautner and Robert Pattinson, who were present to accept theirmultiple awards, seemingly handed out like candy at thefreewheeling ceremony. Of Pattinson's four wins, one was actuallynot related to the supernatural saga: choice drama movie actor for"Remember Me."

"It's great to win something outside of 'Twilight,"' saidPattinson.

Throughout the show, funnyman Ken Jeong of "Community" and theupcoming bloodsucker satire "Vampires Suck" lingered inside acoffin on the side of the stage at Universal Studios Hollywood'sGibson Amphitheatre. Jeong, dressed as his vampire character Daro,only emerged to introduce presenters to the crowd of "bloodyteens."

The awards, which honor celebrities in television, film, musicand sports, were selected by over 85 million votes cast online.Other multiple winners included "Gossip Girl," Ellen DeGeneres,"Pretty Little Liars" and "Wizards of Waverly Place" star

Selena Gomez, who picked up trophies in both TV and musiccategories.

The extravaganza was punctuated with several silly moments. Kim,Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, winners in the reality show andreality stars categories for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians,"were joined by their rarely seen older sister: Cougar Kardashian, adraged-up George Lopez sporting a dress, wig and pair of heels.

"Oh my God," exclaimed Lopez. "I got a blister the size of

Justin Bieber on my heel."

The teen sensation wasn't in attendance at Sunday's show toretrieve his four awards though. Instead, footage was shown of

Shaquille O'Neal presenting Bieber with his trophies for choicebreakout artist, male artist, summer music star and pop album athis concert last month in Phoenix before Bieber crooned "USmile."

Taylor Swift also won four awards but wasn't present to acceptfor choice female country artist, country song for "Fifteen,"country album for "Fearless" and breakout movie actress for"Valentine's Day." Swift, however, did appear in a taped segmentin which she mounted one of her surfboard-shaped trophies in alake.

Winners on hand included choice action-adventure movie actor

Channing Tatum for " G.I. Joe" and choice drama movie actress

Sandra Bullock for "The Blind Side." While accepting her trophy,Bullock was interrupted by her "The Proposal" co-star BettyWhite, who shared the choice movie dance award with her for theirtribal routine.

"I hate to blind-side you, but I've been coming to this showfor years," interjected a grooving White. "If you think you'refitting in, think again, dear."

Before the ceremony, sweaty celebs strutted down a red carpetlined with wall gardens bursting with strawberries and otherorganic goodies. Also positioned along the carpet were fans - theones that circulate air, not obsessive screams - powered by modelspedaling exercise bikes to keep attendees feeling cool.

Levi Johnston, who recently called off his engagement - again -with Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin,walked the red carpet with singer Brittani Senser. Johnston saidhis relationship with Palin as the parents of their toddler son,Tripp, is going well despite their break-up.

"We are doing great," said Johnston. "I talk to her everyday. We keep in touch. Even though with us broken off, it is likewe are together. We found a way to work with each other. Things aregoing good."

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