Best Buy Cancels Online Orders

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Best Buy came out with a strong advertising game challenging Santa Clause, but it looks like the company needs to take lessons from the man and his flying reindeer after they fall short of their promises to deliver ordered Christmas presents this year.

 "It won't be bad advertising if best buy Santa shows up at my house before Christmas," said Jeff Mackey.

 Jeff Mackey ordered a present for his wife on line and three ITunes gift cards for his brother, none of which will make it wrapped and under the tree in time for the holiday.

Best Buy sent him an E-mail stating the items he ordered were back ordered and may not make it in time for Christmas.

 "He's not going to have anything from me like I had planned," said Mackey.

 But hundreds of others are in the same position as Mackey, and since Best Buy only informed many this week, they are left with little time to find replacement gifts.

 The company did release a statement saying quote, “They were very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and that they have notified the affected customers.”

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