TV Restrictions To Save Energy

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A lot of us love watching our favorite shows on big flat screen televisions, but they guzzle a lot of power and California officials want to create new energy efficient regulations.

Many consumers and retailers aren't happy about it.If The California Energy Commission gets its way by 2011 energy use on flat screen TV's will be cut by 33 percent and by 2012, 49 percent.

It won't only save electricity but money too.The Commission plans on setting standards on the types of TV's made and sold...This could limit the screen size.The Commission says the buyer will still have a choice, but many like Sam Schiller who manages "Home Theatre Company" wonder what choices they will have, and what exactly will be regualted.

Schiller says if they put size restrictions that could cause a big problem."I think they should base it on how much the tv is used and not on the size."Electricity companies like SMUD and PG &E support the plan, but organizations like The Consumer Electronics Association feel it'll hurt the television manufacturing industry.

Doug Johnson with The Consumer Electronics Association says, "This proposal is about banning tv's. The average person only uses a small amount of energy, but provides so much entertainment."Retailers say this proposal could hurt TV sales because more and more customers will head out of state or go online to buy the types of TV's they want.

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