Tiny Cameras on Cops Uniforms Coming to Modesto

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There is the Vie Vu, the Vid Mic and the Tazer.  The Vie Vu opens and turns on with a touch of a button.  The Vid Mic is a camera installed in a traditional two-way radio handset.  The Tazer doesn't taze anyone, but it does hold 6 hours of video with a 12-hour battery life.  It's about the size of an Apple IPAD. Officer Chris Adams is one of the officers who is testing the three models.  He says all of the "body worn cameras" get high marks for different things like, size, convenience, and capacity.  He says any of the three are an improvement on the existing state of affairs.  The department lost its dashcam video system last year when the company that serviced it went out of business.   "A lot of times what you see (on t.v.) is a cell phone video camera out there and they're only capturing a small portion of what happened and often it's the end portion of what happened." The department has a display of technology advances since the 60's.  This is the latest, and perhaps the first that might actually prevent an officer from getting killed.  Adams shows how the Tazer camera unclips from his lapel, and bends around a corner. "...look at my screen and see what I'm looking at." The Tazer costs about $3200, the other models are between $800 and $1000.  But, the cheaper versions don't come with a server to hold the video.  Those servers cost between $18,000 and $40,000 according to Officer Adams.  Even with the server cost, the department could still buy more of those cameras than they could if they got the Tazer model.  Adams says the department doesn't know which way it will go. Regardless, the technology could have helped solve at least one murder case that is still unresolved.  Sacramento Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Mitchell was shot and killed with his own gun in October of 2006 after a traffic stop.  His last radio contact with dispatch was him approaching a white van with no license plates. Modesto P.D. has $125,000 to spend on the system.  They plan to make a decision within a couple of months

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