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87 min. Rated PG

Directed by Anthony Leondis

(Director; Lilo &Stich 2)

Have you ever seen a kid's movie that was completely notfor kids? But not in that, "oh, the humor is for adults, and it's toosophisticated for kids" kind of way... but more in that, "wow... this is bad, andwill scare kids long before entertaining kids, " kind of way?

Well, here's your chance.

The animated film, Igor will hit theaters with a big loudthud. Though voiced with great charm, and animated with great care, the oneimportant thing that was left out of this completely forgettable project, was agood story. They even forgot to make it a children's story as well.

In the town of Malaria,there's a special Igor, working for an evil scientist; who every year mustcreate a new "evil monster" to terrorize the world at large. But when thescientist gets killed... that's right, killed, by his own invention, our heroIgor, must prove against all odds that HE is as genius as any evil scientistand take it upon himself to create an evil monster of mass destruction. Ofcourse, there's our antagonist, who wants to steal such invention, and a Kingwho wants the antagonist to never win another "evil science fair." It's not very complicated.

Following stupid formulaic kid's movie storylines, ourhero succeeds in creating something, but the shenanigans that ensue from theinvention take us on a silly ride of lies, chases, and misunderstandings. At nopoint in the film's thankfully short 87 minutes, is there a redeeming qualityfor kids. Sure, the overall message is that everybody has a few "evil" bones inthere body, but learning not to use them is the important thing. But it'sdelivered so poorly, there's no way kids will truly let it sink in. In fact,they'll probably be too busy trying to build their own monsters of death anddestruction... What a great message...

An even greater message; dubiously, would be that suicide...is funny. That's right... the mainsidekick, Scampers an invention of Igor's, is suicidal. This cute littlestuffed animal-type obnoxious character often whines about wanting to end hislife. The filmmakers get around this though, by making Scampers have theability to come back to life, every time he dies. Because that happens and in real life, itmakes it ok right?

When your characters spend an entire movie with ambitionsto be truly evil...remaining a kid's movie becomes obsolete. And if it's not a kid's movie, it surely istoo insipid and formulaic to be a good film for adults. There's no in between.There's nothing original here, but an animated film that has no audience... andprobably shouldn't have one either.


Igor Stars the Voices of:

John Cusack, SteveBuscemi, Eddie Izzard, Sean Hayes, Molly Shannon, John Cleese & Jay Leno

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