Local Salon Planning "Kony 2012" Event

Joseph Kony

The owners of a hair salon in Elk Grove are doing more than just watch the"Kony 2012"video that exposes the unspeakable acts of a central African warlord; they’re coordinating an event to coincide with an international movement set for April 20.

Kayla Yslas and her mom Sue Yslas own House of Hues on Elk Grove Boulevard. Both were moved by the viral video about Joseph Kony and his crimes against the African people.

“I just saw it on Facebook one night, and I watched it and that video moved my heart,” Kayla said.

There are “Kony 2012” signs on the front desk of the salon, and owners are waiting for a shipment of bracelets and more signs. On April 20, they’re hoping people come to their salon to get posters they hope you’ll plaster across the city.

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