Missing Carmichael Man Found Safe in Vancouver

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A missing man with dementia from Carmichael was found safe in sound Friday, all the way in Vancouver, Wash.

Five million Americans are living with dementia and millions more caring for them.

The confusion that comes along with it almost meant tragedy for 69-year-old Hugh Myers.

"Oh thank you God. He’s a good person and I would hate to see him get hurt," said Heather Kinsey, Myers’ girlfriend.

Relief finally for Kinsey, also 69, following a night spent wrestling with fear after her boyfriend disappeared out of their driveway.

"I just knew something was wrong," she said.

She'd been outside with their dogs around 4 p.m. when she heard his truck and made it to the window in time to see it pull away in a strange direction.

The couple had committed to only taking familiar routes and  posting reminders around the house since Myers began treatment for dementia.

With that routine abandoned, friends and family panicked and there were other worries.

"He's diabetic and has to take insulin injections and he didn't take his medicine," said friend and neighbor Ellen Monson.

Around 10:30 p.m. Thursday a sleepless Kinsey first got word that Myers' truck was spotted in Portland, Oregon.

Then, at 1 a.m. Friday morning, she got word he'd been found across the Columbia River in Vancouver, Wash. 

Myers, a retiree who once directed planes as an air traffic controller, had managed to get himself 600 miles off-course.

"I don't know how he got that far, but he had money in his pocket," said Kinsey.

He didn't have his phone.

Some folks found him disoriented and called 911.

Myers lived in Seattle for 30 years and he and Kinsey still have a vacation home in Washington.

Family members can only guess that's why he headed there. Once with police he told officers he was trying to get to Montana. The only connection there might be a plane he sold in big sky country 30 years ago.

Kinsey and Myers were first loves back in 6th grade. They reconnected six years ago after being divorced and widowed.

Now Kinsey's gotten her first love back. Twice.

"I'm just grateful and thankful to all the people that helped," she said.

Kinsey's sister happens to live in Portland and was aware Myers was missing.

She was able to meet him in Washington at the hospital after he found.

Aside from the dementia, he checked out fine.

Kinsey's sister flew him back home to her Friday night.

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