5.9-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Near Eureka

A magnitude-5.9 earthquake rattled the nerves of some residents living in Eureka Thursday afternoon, but did little in the way of damage or injuries.

The quake was centered along the Northern California coastline about 40 miles away from Eureka and struck shortly after 12:20pm local time. FOX40 News viewers from as far as Chico report they felt some shaking.

Employees at Ramone's Bakery & Cafe in Eureka told FOX40 News by phone they felt minor shaking, but said as far as they were aware there was no damage in town.

The National Weather Service said no tsunami warning has been issued following the quake.

Eureka Fire Chief Eric Smith said crews were checking on structures that were damaged in the previous earthquake to ensure they're secure.

Phil Smith-Hanes, the county spokesman, said its Office of Emergency Services had not received any reports of major damage or injuries.

"At first blush, it doesn't look like it's a big deal," he said.

At the Petrolia General Store, a few items tumbled from the shelves, but the windows remained intact.

"Glass bottles were rattling, and you could see the lights swinging back and forth," said Amie Barr, 30, a store employee. "But it didn't feel as strong (as the Jan. 9 quake)."

She added, "We have them all the time, so we're pretty used to it here."

Steve Walter, a seismologist at the USGS in Menlo Park, said Thursday's quake was not an aftershock because it occurred on a different fault, but "we could speculate it might have been triggered by the one last month."

Walter said the far-northern coast of California is the most seismically active area, but the potential for damage and injuries there is smaller because it is less populated.

"They get more earthquakes and much bigger quakes up there," he said. "They have had more in the past, and they will have more in the future than any other part of California."

Last month, a powerful 6.5-magnitude earthquake centered near Eureka caused more than $40 million in structural damage to more than 200 buildings. According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 20 people were displaced from their homes and more than 30 people were treated for minor injuries.

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