Exclusive: Army Says Doctors Didn't Know They Were Treating Gunman

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Twelve people have died and more than 30 people have been wounded after a gunman opened fire on the military installation of Fort Hood, Texas.

The shooting took place shortly after 1:30pm Thursday at the Soldier Readiness Center, where US military troops deploy to and arrive from domestic and international US military posts, including those based in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The shooter, idenitified as Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was taken into custody by law enforcement officials responding to the scene of the shooting. Hasan is described as a mental health professional working with the United States military.

Hasan was found with two handguns, military officials told reporters during an afternoon press conference. Early reports suggested Hasan had been killed by a first-responder, but that claim was later refuted by Lt. Gen. Bob Cone with the US Army at Fort Hood.

When a reporter asked why it took so long for the military to reveal to the media that Hasan had been alive, after initially reporting him dead, a spokesperson for the military base responded, "the doctors didn't know who they were treating."

In a phone interview with CNN, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson said she was informed the gunman had received a poor evaluation by the military's Walter Reed Army Medical. Hasan was transferred to Fort Hood after his time at Walter Reed, where he was expected to deploy for Iraq within the next coming days.

Sen. Hutchinson told CNN Hasan may be of Jordanian descent, and later told FOX News hat Hasan was targeting people he knew.

Nader Hasan, a man who identified himself as the gunman's cousin, told Shepard Smith with FOX News that Hasan had "always wanted to get away from the war." The Associated Press reports Hasan, born in Virginia, was single and had no children.

Authorities had been concerned at least six months ago after locating Internet postings reportedly published by Hasan that described suicide bombings and various other threats.

Speaking at a pre-scheduled event, President Barack Obama took a moment to extend his sympathies to the family and loved ones of those affected by today's shooting.

"A number of American soldiers have been killed and even more have been wounded in a horrific outburst of violence," President Obama said.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has ordered all flags within the state lowered to half-mast until Sunday. More than 70,000 people work and live at Fort Hood, Texas, with about 40,000 US military troops stationed at the post.

FOX40 News has confirmed with several military bases that no lockdowns or elevated security measures are being executed along Northern California military installations.

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