Fox 40 Helping to Smooth-Out Highway 99 Rough Ride

As bumps in the road go, the one on the Highway 50 off-ramp to Highway 99 is getting famous.

"I know exactly what bump you are talking about, because everytime we turn the car- the wheel- the steering wheel jerks," said Jamal Anderson, a Sacramento motorist.

"Sometimes I notice it does make my wheels curve a little bit," said Ong Chang.

It's not like Cal Trans is oblivious to the situation. We know that, because we called them. They promised they'd get an engineer out first thing in the morning to take a look.

We didn't want to wait.

"Comnig back on my lunch break I noticed it. I was like... Wow," said Pat Olden. He's a mechanic for Big O Tires. We took him for a little ride to get his opinion.

"That one. Right there. That's the severe... one," Olden said after we drove over the highway seem that's causig so much concern.

You're saying that's a little much... it could do some damamge? we asked.

"I think it could."

The support system under that part of the bridge is really not that sophisticated. It's mostly just railroad ties and shims.

Definately enough to shake a person's faith in the road ahead.

We'll certainly be following-up with Cal Trans to see what they have to say once thier engineer takes a look.

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