Lebron James, Heat Boo'd by Kings Fans

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Lebron James and the Miami Heat received a cool reception during their first and only visit to Sacramento. "Boooooo," there were plenty of boo's for a team seen as the best money can buy. That disdain showed up in the stands too; where there were plenty of seats for the Heat's only appearance at Arco Arena. "So, we did get them for a little less than face value," $15 less than face value; and Adrian Newman bought his two tickets 3 weeks ago. "I wasn't surprised they were available. I was kind of surprised at the price what I got em for though," says Newman, a Fairfield resident.

The Heat has fallen out of favor in the basketball world because fans believe the team's three star players are taking a short cut to a championship. "Lebron James! Boooooo!" the boos are most often directed at Lebron who gave up on building a championship with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers.

"It's one thing to go out and get a veteran. But they get the three best! It's not right! Like the Yankees" says Ron Joseph, a Kings season ticket holder from the very beginning of the Sacramento era. Chris Bosch, another super star, left the Toronto Raptors to join Mega Star Dwayne Wade in Miami. Still, 12 year old Adrian Espinoza was willing to give them a chance; until he was snubbed at the team hotel. "I was at least 2 feet away from them and they didn't even look. And everyone was yelling Lebron! Lebron! Chris! Chris! And they just walked in with their ear phones on." No autograph, no picture, just a cold shoulder. Those are things a little boy never forgets.

The star studded trio has gotten off to a slow start and that's just fine with Cleveland native Chris Humber. "Seems to be the most exciting thing in the NBA right now is to watch the Heat get beat! So, we're hoping to see one tonight," says Huber as he stood courtside waiting for the Miami players to make an appearance.

That said: these guys are still Super Stars. "Oh, I love em! I love em!" Eric Williams and his wife made the trip from Fresno. And, it wasn't hard to spot a Miami Heat jersey in the crowd. But 80 year old Joyce Shepherd is a bit resentful because her kings are building and struggling the old fashioned way. "I like the good old fashioned way. To me that's what you should do, it's the talent and the coaching that are gonna do it," says Shepherd who came with a sign that read "It's my 80th Birthday and I love the Kings."

The game between the Kings, Lebron, Wade and Bosch was not a sellout. That's a far cry from the Michael Jordan days when practically every ticket to every game he ever played in Sacramento was a hot commodity. An unidentified ticket scalper told FOX40's John Lobertini, "A lot of people lost a lot of money tonight."

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TicketsSportsBasketballMiami HeatToronto RaptorsCleveland CavaliersNBA
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