Local Man Mourns Mother Killed In San Bruno Blast

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When it was time for the family to get together, they would all meet at Elizabeth Torres' house. That's just the kind of mother, and grandmother, she was. The picture you see is her at Thanksgiving.

"She sat down on the steps to take a breather because of the smoke and fire and everything. And the fire just engulfed her," said her son, David Wharton.

Wharton says his mom didn't survive. Neither did the Claremont Street home where she lived in San Bruno. Two of Wharton's sisters were with her at the time of the blast, both women are recovering from burns over more than half their bodies. They've been comatose since that night.

We asked Wharton if he thought they would remember that terrible night, or if the family would have to tell them.

"Oh God," he said. "I didn't even think about that. They don't know."

Wharton says the entire family knew there was a problem with the gas line near his mother's home.

"Alan told me that my Mom and Cindy and him had been smelling gas for like three weeks. They called PG&E out there and they just kind of like, looked around and said 'yeah. okay,' and went back without doing anything," he said.

So we had to ask: Is he angry?

"I'm numb," he answered after thinking for a moment.

That, as officials have asked for a DNA sample from Wharton's family The fiery blast that killed is mother was so violent, DNA is the only way to be certain they have the right

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