Is Installing A "Smart Meter" A Dumb Idea?

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One couple says installing those sophisticated "SmartMeters" was a dumb thing to do.

Elvin and Betty Gorham say it has done nothing but cause headaches and cause their bill to soar. They tell FOX40 their May bill was about $150. Then they installed the smart meter. Their June bill hit more than $500 and for July, they're shelling out $793.70.

"I told them I want my dumb meter back," said Elvin. "Their Smart Meter's broken. Something's wrong with it."

PG&E spokesman Brian Swanson says only 10 out of the 6.3 million smart meters installed have had problems. Most of those problems had to do with the installation or software. He says there hasn't been an issue they know of with the actual machines.

"July is the hottest month of the year. So we're going to see spikes in the month of July compared to previous months," he said. "It's typical for people to experience sticker shock when they see their summer or winter bill."

The California Public Utilities Commission is actually looking into these Smart Meters and their accuracy. They're expected to have some results by September.

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MoviesEntertainmentPacific Gas and Electric CompanyBrian Swanson