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Planned Parenthood in Trouble

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The movement to dump practically all federal funding for Planned Parenthood is sending shockwaves across America.  On the surface this is about trimming the national deficit.  But, make no mistake, there are strong political undertones here and Planned Parenthood has been in the eye of that storm. 

But no outfit is more associated with abortion than Planned Parenthood.  ”Planned Parenthood is frequently vilified for the abortion services it provides.  How difficult does that make your job?”  FOX40’s John Lobertini posed that question to Raquel Simental, the Public Affairs Director, in the Sacramento area.  ”97% of what we do are preventative health care services.  So, when we’re talking about the life saving breast and cervical cancer screenings, we’re doing that here,” she says.

800 Planned Parenthood offices share a budget of $363 million a year nationwide.  But 90% of that is federal money; and much of it would be eliminated under the budget plan just passed in the House of Representatives.

”There is a vendetta against Planned Parenthood and it played out in this room,” Bay Area Congresswoman Jackie Speier was seething over the proposal during a 3 ½ minute rant before her colleagues Thursday night.  ”The American people, if they are listening, are scratching their heads and wondering: what does this have to do with me getting a job?”    

Planned Parenthood officials say their clinics have become more than providers of birth control or remedies for sexually transmitted diseases.  More and more, they claim, are providing pre-natal care; and in some communities Planned Parenthood is the only place offering general health care.

”What sort of consequences would there be here if you lost funding?” ask Lobertini.  Simental offered a sobering response ”One in 5 women have come to a planned parenthood at one point in their lives.  So, it’s going to affect the patients we serve.  These patients, who are already feeling the effects of the economy by losing their insurance.”

Federal money cannot be spent on abortions; except in cases of rape and incest.  Roughly 1.3 million abortions are carried out every year in the U.S.; and more than 50% involve women under the age of 25.  

For its critics, Planned Parenthood claims it prevents 300,000 pregnancies a year in California alone; saving taxpayers millions if not billions of dollars.  While the Republican backed budget plan passed the House, it has yet to get through the democratically controlled Senate.   And then there’s the veto pen of President Barak Obama.


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Family PlanningSocial IssuesPlanned ParenthoodDiseases and IllnessesHealthCancerU.S. House of Representatives
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