Storm Causes Power Outages

Thousands of people in the area lost power because of the storm. There were outages in El Dorado, Solano, Colusa, Nevada, Placer and Yolo counties. While the bad weather has for the most part passed through Sacramento, but as you just saw, people are still dealing with the aftermath of the storm .

Storm winds more than 60 miles an hour blew down trees, knocking out power lines and cutting electricity to thousands of people. West Sacramento resident, Patricia Purbaugh, told us, "I went out at six o'clock this morning the transformer blew right here in our back yard, we saw the fire balls coming down from it." Purbaugh knows downed power-lines are very dangerous.

According to Cal Fire Captain Steve Mueller, until crews from SMUD or PG&E cut the electricity, they can even be deadly. Mueller says "When the power-lines hit the ground it's not so dangerous, it's that the lines are there and when the unsuspecting person or child comes along and touches them the consequences could be catastrophic."

Worried about electrocution, Purbaugh stayed far away from the blown transformer and spent the day cuddled up on her couch to stay warm. Purbaugh says she had "No heat, and I have the gas stove on to give us a little bit of heat," Once the sun set she lit the house with mirrors and a candles, and played piano for entertainment. But not everyone could live without power.Neighbor Jason Meier took his computer and headed somewhere where he could work. Meier says he "Stuck it out went like a local coffee shop, hung out there for pretty much the entire day."

PG&E says crews will be working overnight to fix all the outages but say it will be a while before power is restored to all homes.

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