Service Dog Attacked at Arden Way Motel

Colon Cancer

A service dog was attacked by a Pit Bull Wednesday morning outside of the Motel 6 on Sacramento’s Arden Way.

For Joni Martin and Nathan Bragg, Mumzy is far more than just their 3-year-old Miniature English Bulldog.

"She keeps me abreast of my wife's health," said Bragg. Martin has spinal stenosis and colon cancer, so her health is constantly being monitored by Mumzy.

Mumsy was attacked by a Pit Bull for several minutes, suffering a broken leg. Bragg told FOX40 that the owner of the Pit Bull took off.

“She serves me and right now, she is unable to do her job,” said Martin.

Mumsy is now recovering at the Blue Ravine Animal Hospital in Folsom, but, with the Pit Bull's owner nowhere to be found, Martin and Bragg are stuck with the bill.

If you would like to help Martin and Bragg, contact the hospital at (916) 984-0990.

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