Students Protest Domes Demolition

Several dozen students marched through the UC Davis campus today in a noisy demonstration to bring attention to the proposed closure of the throwback student housing complex known as the "Domes". 

The group of 14 dome shaped living quarters that house two people each was built as an experiment in student housing in 1972.  Students share organic gardens, raise chickens and share work, food and decision making.

"It's unbelievable.  There's so much love, friendship and community in the place. We all live and work together," said Domes resident Daniel Turvey.

University housing officials were concerned that the structures have become unsafe with age.  The new housing model for the university is the nearby West Village complex which will house 4,000 students and use high tech innovations that allows it to use zero net energy.

But sustainable living was pioneered by the Domes, say supporters.

"The domes still have an incredibly small carbon footprint and have efficiencies in the way they're designed," said former resident Danielle Fodor.  She says the Domes were way ahead of it's time and so where the residents who bought into organic and sustainable living long before it went mainstream.

Marguerite Wilson, another former resident, said other former residents helped create the Davis Farmer's Market, the Davis Food Co-Op, and the student farm, among other projects.

Demonstrators pushed wheelbarrows filled with vegetables and 1,000 letters from supporters which were presented to university officials.

University officials accepted the letters and say they are reviewing two student proposals that would keep the Domes open.

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