Still No Trial Date In Melissa Huckaby Case

Melissa Huckaby...the woman accused of murdering 8-year old, Sandra Cantu was back in a San Joaquin County courtroom today. Prosecutors want to get a trial set, while the defense says it needs more time.There's still no trial date set, but they did set a motion hearing to suppress evidence.San Joaquin County District Attorney, Tom Testa wanted Huckaby's trial date set today. The Defense asked Judge Linda Lofthus for more time to look at evidence.Huckaby is accused of kidnapping,raping,and murdering 8-year old, Sandra Cantu of Tracy. Huckaby's attorney is looking at whether any constitutional rights were violated.Legal Expert, Steve Clark says, :What the defense is going to do is test every piece of evidence to make sure all criminal proceedings were followed."The Defense added Michael Burt to it's team."He's extremely skilled with death penalty trials and he's worked on several high profile cases."Cases that include the night stalker, Richard Ramirez, and Yosemite Sightseer Killer, Cary Stayner.Prosecutors say they recognize the defense is stepping up...and they're ready."We want to do it right. We want to follow all the rules. We don't want to to take any shortcuts."One thing both sides can agree on is the judge's decision to keep the grand jury transcripts sealed.Judge Lofthus says when the defendant could get the death penalty it's important they protect privacy rights, in order to have a fair trial.San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney, Robert Himelbluau says, "We're going to dot all the i's and cross all the t's that's a term we use on all our major cases.The trial date is finally expected to be set at the next court hearing on December 4th. The motion hearing to suppress evidence is set for February 12th.

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