What is 'Tabnabbing' and why you may be at risk

Computer security experts are warning computer users of a scam commonly referred to as “tabnabbing” that puts your information at risk.

“You don't see it happening. You don't know it's happening. When you go back you put in your user name and password and it redirects you to the site you're supposed to go to and now they have your user name and password,” says Bill Ramsey with The Bill Guy Technology Solutions.

Tabs allow users to keep multiple website open. It’s when you switch tabs that you may be at risk.

“If you switch to another tab there's a script running and it says if this web page loses focus I want you to redirect this site to something different,” says Guy.

“You still think you're on Facebook it will take your information and it will redirect you to the right site, but in the meantime it's stolen your information.”

So how do you protect yourself?  Guy says update your computer.  The latest version of Internet Explorer is not vulnerable to tabnabbing.  He says Explorer 8 will protect you.

“There's an overwhelming number people who still have Internet Explorer 6.”
Guy also says it’s a good idea to log out of any website that uses personal information when you’re finished.

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