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Alabama Crimson Tide

After a rough couple of weeks for Clint Bowyer, things are setting up nicely. Last week at Richmond, this week at Talladega, both are very good track for the Kansas Kid.

The #15 finished seventh at Richmond last week, but still managed to lose a spot in the points standings. Bowyer is now 12th and if the chase were to begin today, he would be where he ended 2011, the last car on the outside looking in on NASCAR playoffs. So while Bowyer is looking for a good run at 'dega what he really needs is a win.

"It would be big and well-needed right now," said Bowyer. "I tell you, to be a part of that Chase is so elite anymore. If you're in it on points, you're one of the Top 10 teams. And man there's more than ten good teams that can win a Championship in the series anymore."

Bowyer has won two of the last three races in Alabama. Something he attributes to good equipment, good  driving and good luck.

"It's all three of those things equally as much. You've got to have all of them.," said Bowyer. "You have to have a car capable of doing it. You have to be as a driver, in that situation to have that opportunity, and you have to have a little luck to see it play through. That is restrictor plate racing right there in a nutshell."

This weekend Bowyer will be driving a special Alabama National Championship car, sponsored by Aarons. And while he is always happy to help out sponsor, make no mistake about where Bowyer's allegiances lie.

"I'm from Kansas so I'm a pretty big KU fan. I think everybody knows that," said Bowyer. "But the Alabama partnership came along with Aaron's, and the SEC partnership that they have after they had Alabama on it, and winning the National Championship this year. Certainly a KU fan, but respect all athletics and certainly respect what they've accomplished in the past years. It's going to be fun to have the Alabama colors for one day."

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Alabama Crimson Tide