The Last Station on Blu-Ray

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The Last Station

Sony Pictures Classics / 2009/ 112 Minutes / Rated R

If you're a fan of period films and a complex love story then "The Last Station" will not disappoint.

I must admit I did not know much about War and Peace epic novelist Leo Tolstoy ( Christopher Plummer) and his almost fifty-year marriage to Coutness Sofya ( Helen Mirren). Although Michael Hoffman's fact and fiction film adaptation, based on the Jay Parini novel was a bit melodramatic at times. I thought Hoffman successfully captured a piece of Russian history and the story of a man living a turbulent life on the big screen.

The powerhouse dual of legend actors Christopher Plummer and "The Queen" Helen Mirren made this a film a stand out for me. An angry wife devoted to her husbands work and legacy. A dying man who wants only to surrender his wealth and work to the poverty stricken people of Russia. The brilliant performances of Plummer and Mirren captivate you as the story unfolds of a marriage falling apart because of celebrity, power, money and sex. Along with exceptional performances by James Mcvoy and Paul Giamatti. This A-list cast really brings this one home.

For the literary-minded who are looking for a good drama, grand production and Oscar-nominated performances... The Blu-ray version of the "The Last Station" is a must see.

Extra's include:

- Feature length audio commentary with actors Christopher plummer and Helen Mirren and one with writer/director Michael Hoffman.

- "The Missed Station" is a gag reel featuring the cast and crew.

- Who knew such a serious film had a comedic side. Also included "deleted scenes" and a "Tribute to Christopher Plummer"

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