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Pulaski County authorities capture suspect on the run


ST. ROBERT, Mo. -- A suspect accused in a week long crime wave has been captured.

Deputies Saturday morning arrested 38-year-old Chad Lange in Rolla.  Lange is wanted for numerous felony charges, including auto theft and burglary. 

Law enforcement officials initially began searching for Lange after he was suspected of numerous car thefts and burglaries in the Dixon area over the past week.  The search escalated on Thursday evening when the sheriff found Lange hiding out in the 15000 block of Cave Road, just south of Dixon.  A car chase ensued.  Police say Lange was driving a stolen pickup.  During the pursuit, authorities say Lange demonstrated a willful disregard for life and property, and operated his vehicle in a dangerous manner.  Lange eluded the authorities after crashing through a farm gate and driving his 4-wheel drive vehicle up a dilapidated logging trail.

Lange was treated ofr minor injuries he suffered before his capture. 

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