Trouble falling asleep? Here's a simple move to get relaxed

If you're struggling to get back into a routine after the holidays and fall asleep at night, Teresa Ollis with Success Naturally has an idea to help you get some rest.   Here's her suggested steps:

  • Sit down in front of a chair or couch with the seat of the chair/couch towards you;
  • Sit with one hip facing your prop;
  • As you start to lay back, you must also swing your legs up and your body around so your bottom is towards the chair;
  • When you are turned tail to the chair, settle your legs onto the chair's seat, making sure they are completely supported from the backs of the knees down to the feet;
  • Setting up with additional props: Start the same as above but add a small pillow for lumbar support and a soft cloth to cover your eyes;
  • Settling in: Lay here as long as you are comfortable; close your eyes, give your mind the job of watching your breath, and commit to the stillness; and,
  • Coming out of the pose: Bring awareness back to the body, remove the cloth from your eyes, draw the legs into the body and roll to one side; linger here for a few breaths, then slowly push up on your side.
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