Deborah Netburn

Deborah Netburn is a science reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She began her journalism career at the New York Observer in 1999, and has covered residential real estate, rich kids in Manhattan, entertainment, home and garden, national news, and technology. She has worked at the Los Angeles Times since 2006.
Usar las secuencias propias de ADN ha puesto en peligro la privacidad de otras personas

La secuencia de ADN de todos es única. Pero para aquellos que desean mantener su privacidad genética, puede que no sea lo suficientemente exclusiva.

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So many people have had their DNA sequenced that they've put other people's privacy in jeopardy

A new study argues that more than half of Americans could be identified by name if all you had to start with was a sample of their DNA and a few basic facts, such as where they live and how about how old they might be.