Noam N. Levey

Noam N. Levey writes about national healthcare policy out of Washington, DC. He covered passage of the 2010 Affordable Care Act and has written extensively about the landmark law and reported on its implementation from around the country. A former investigative and political reporter, he is a Boston native and a graduate of Princeton University. He joined the newspaper in 2003 and has reported from Washington since 2006.
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Is the debate over Obamacare finally over? Election delivers powerful validation of the embattled law

Years from now, the 2018 midterms may be recognized as the election that finally cemented the Affordable Care Act alongside other pillars of the American healthcare system such as Medicare.

Medicaid a winner in elections across the country, paving the way for coverage gains for poor Americans

Democratic gains in state elections and several Medicaid ballot measures may open up coverage for hundreds of thousands of low-income Americans currently shut out of Medicaid in historically conservative states.