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Prayer group praying for peace and to be able to go home. "We live day to day." Mary Magdelana.; Woman washing the baby, BABY: Emanuella Ndomale, 5 months, MOM: Marie Guetta, 32, has eight kids total. Been in camp since Dec. "There is no peace in the country. We are looking for refuge." Under the airplane wing. WOMAN: Esther Zawa, 24, in red. In camp for 3 months. "I'm here for the security. We can't go back now because there are still Muslims in our neighborhood. We could fall into the wrong hands." Adelia Zawa, 8, in Red spiky hair by plane. Abigaelle Nanssene, 7 daughter off Esther. SKIPPING PORTRAIT PEOPLE: LATER FROM EMAIL: OLD DUDE WITH BEARD PORTRAIT: Sheik Daoud Muslim Mbokani, a leader of the Muslim community in CAR. "God is great." in "There is a religious war. That is the reason for our presence here. We are here in complete insecurity. It is not desirable that we should live in the house that belongs to the highest power but...." When there is a war, a civil war, a religious war. Everone must leave to sdave their lives. It is not a question of whether we want to stay or go, we are obliged to go, and we don't know where. OVER 60 year. There AB attacked me and my family. It was God that saved me. They stole everything I have nothing left. Rather than stay, as one of the leaders of the Islamic community I had to seek refuge behind the compound. GIRL WITH TIRE: 7 years old. been there for 3 months. from Bimo heightborhod. "Its because of the war that we have to run away and come here. Here I'm good and I'm secure." Former child soldiers are set to begin a program sponsored by UNICEF to reintegrate them into society after civil strife left thousands dead when mostly Christian "anti-balaka" militias rampaged against a minority Muslim government that had taken over power in the country during a coup. The violence continues in
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