More facts and news about nutrition

Saccharin's mostly sweet following

Study after study has found that the sweetener is safe. But there remain a few skeptics.

A reversal on carbs

Fat was once the devil. Now more nutritionists are pointing accusingly at sugar and refined grains.

Cleaning up your carb act: Where to begin

Here is expert advice on how many and what kinds of carbs you should be eating each day.

Enriched eggs, milk may not be best source for omega-3s

Even with omega-3 fatty acids being added to eggs and milk, they are not always the recommended types for heart health. And to get enough of the nutrient, you'd have to eat a dozen eggs or drink five glasses of milk.

The food-mood connection

If you are what you eat, then it stands to reason that food can influence mood and brain power. Particular foods have been shown to boost the production of neurotransmitters, but usually not by enough to make a perceptible difference in the brain.

Organic strawberries are better — in some ways — researchers say

They have more antioxidants and vitamin C than their conventional counterparts, a study says. But they come up short by other measures — potassium and phosphorus, for example.

Here's the veggies. Now create.

An obsessive recipe follower learns to open up when she joins a CSA and starts getting baskets of produce from local farmers.

My Turn: The hand that rocks the cradle can shake up the diet

A personal trainer sees the children of his clients flirting with the habits that lead to obesity and diabetes. "We discussed changing their main meals, one step at a time."

Pantry Raid: Taken to task in May, a publicist gives up fast food and now makes most of her own meals

Stephanie Jacobson has cut down on sodium, doesn't miss the greasy burgers and fries, and has even taken up running.

Pantry Raid: Young but on a dangerous diet path

This 29-year-old has bad eating habits that need to be broken before they lead to serious health problems later.

The good and bad of Stephanie's diet

What the food diary revealed

The calorie count was fine, but fruit and vegetables were getting short shrift.

Organic: What it means on different products

You see the word more and more, but what does it say about what it’s on? Here are tips for fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat, cosmetics, processed foods and cotton and coffee.

Fat American Children: Many Causes, a Lifetime of Effects

Eating habits, physical activity, access to parks, poverty and TV watching all play a role in the epidemic, as do many other factors.

The power of the calorie count

The basic facts of calories

Blood pressure: the DASH diet