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As cannabis is legalized — although it remains illegal under federal law —and goes mainstream in California and other states, the cookbook industry has churned into high gear with books on what ways to use jazz cabbage beyond the bong. What to look for? A lot depends on your level of expertise — not just in the kitchen but with cannabis itself. If you’ve been making batches of pot brownies and want to expand your repertoire to, say, French macarons, there are cookbooks to help you out. Many books have lengthy introductions that outline the specifics of cooking with cannabis, so find one that fits with what you know — or don’t know.

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(Mathew Sumner / Associated Press)

The amount of money collected by the state from taxes on cannabis grown and sold legally in California continues to increase but is still falling short of budget estimates, according to figures released Wednesday.

Tax revenue reported from the cannabis industry totaled $93.1 million for the three months ending Sept. 30, according to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. That is an increase from the $80.2 million collected during the second quarter of the year.

If revenue continues to grow by the same 16% per quarter, pot taxes will bring in $471 million during the fiscal year that began July 1, while the budget approved by the governor and Legislature estimates the taxes would bring in $630 million during the fiscal year.


Don't know the difference between MSG and THC? Here's a guide to the terminology you'll encounter.

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Eaze Wellness offers non-psychoactive CBD products derived from hemp.
Eaze Wellness offers non-psychoactive CBD products derived from hemp. (Eaze)

Eaze, the San Francisco-based technology platform that’s been coordinating dispensary-to-consumer home deliveries of cannabis in Los Angeles since April, has expanded its reach — for CBD-containing products, that is — to most of the United States. (CBD, a.k.a cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound said to have anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties but none of the “high” associated with THC. These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.)

Through the just-launched Eaze Wellness website, consumers over the age of 21 in 41 states and the District of Columbia can order a range of hemp-derived CBD tinctures, tablets, balms, bath bombs, patches, vape pens and pet products for delivery within four to six days. (Shipping is free for orders $50 and up; otherwise, it’ll cost you $5.)

Much like its in-state marijuana-delivery service, which coordinates deliveries with local dispensaries, Eaze isn’t doing the shipping itself, but rather working with a third-party partner to get goods from brands such as Plant People, Cannuka, BeTrū Wellness and Vital Leaf from point A to point B.

Nearly a year in to the state-legal cannabis scene, there's no shortage of THC-infused items on the market for 21-and-older consumers, from sachets of herbal tea and cans of citrus-flavored soda to honey mustard pretzels, with analysts and dispensary owners seeing it as a growing side of the business.


The torrent of applications from marijuana manufacturing and distribution facilities looking to open in Costa Mesa continues Thursday, when city planning commissioners will review five more during a special meeting.

Two people were shot and killed early Monday morning after gunfire erupted inside a Koreatown marijuana dispensary, authorities said.

The party of Mexico's president-elect submitted legislation Thursday that would legalize marijuana possession, public use, growing and sales.


California law lets anyone over 21 grow up to six marijuana plants in their yard or home, as long as the plants are not accessible to the public. (Check your City Hall for any additional local rules.)

They descended on free-wheeling Venice Beach with clipboards and questions in hand. Their goal: to gauge humanity’s tolerance for the smell and sight of public pot smoking.

Akbar Karriem considered them ridiculous.