Letters to the Editor

This is to thank Annie Gilbar for her excellent optimistic “Letter from the Editor.” It impressed me so much I shared it with my business partners. Optimism goes a long way in our business.
Donald A. Driftmier, Ontario

I was so moved by the editor’s letter that I made copies, highlighted the first sentence—“I am an optimist”—and included it with my Christmas cards. She could not have expressed my sentiments better. Optimism will help us to make it through. Spread the word with your actions!
Brooke Beahm, San Clemente

Your editor’s letter about optimism is insightful and delusional at once. I passionately agree parenting is the greatest responsibility of our existence. Unfortunately, parenting and marriage are in great disarray, largely because of economic pressures. You have inspired me to make my voice heard in this small way. May the new year bring kindness and trust, loyalty and respect, hope and joy and all the other attributes of that mystery called love.
Ronald Bruno, Temecula

Liz Claman’s interview with Magic Johnson was inspirational and busts the myth that doing business in an urban area is unprofitable. His success is a source of pride to all of Los Angeles. However, they discussed Johnson’s enterprises at Ladera Center, located in Ladera Heights. Why is it the author identifies this predominantly African-American area as “South Central”?
Keith Jefferies, Sherman Oaks

Editor’s Response: You are absolutely right. Both Magic and Liz, of course, know Ladera Center is in Ladera Heights, not South Central. Thanks for your geographic vigilance. Your use of the word douchebag in “Over­heard” was inappropriate for a classy magazine. I know you’re trying to be young and hip, but this went too far.
JoAnna Barnett, Los Angeles

Editor’s Response: My mother agrees!

Bravo! Finally Los Angeles has a great magazine to read from cover to cover. Like a bag of freshly opened chips—it’s impossible to stop until you’ve read every article. It’s wonderful to find so many diverse stories that focus on design and creativity here in Los Angeles. I eagerly look forward to each issue to get your take on the latest in fashion, food and design.
Sheila Speer, West Hollywood

I have been a subscriber since arriving in Los Angeles in 1978, and I’ve always considered our newspaper to be one of the finest in the country. I applaud you for the new styling of the Sunday magazine—it finally represents the quality that this publication should exhibit. I hope that, at times, you will include articles on global interests.
Dr. Martin Blain, Woodland Hills

I just wanted to convey how much I like the new magazine. The primary newspaper in the second largest city in the U.S. should have a Sunday magazine worthy of it, and this is it. My only complaint: It should be published weekly.
Leonard Dick, Sherman Oaks

We Trojan fans are quite offended that you chose to display a UCLA ornament but not one from USC.
J Stickels, La Crescenta

Editor’s Response: I got my M.A. at USC. Trojan or not, we had only so much space!

The entire L.A. Times Magazine is a treat, but I am especially grateful for Kathy Freston’s column, “A New Leaf,” and the yummy vegan food that is always so elegantly presented. Eating meat will soon be looked upon much as smoking cigarettes is today. You are deserving of kudos for guiding the world to a sustainable future by influencing people’s food choices.
Sharon Engel, Ojai

Thanks for spotlighting vegan food, one of the hidden gems of the food pyramid. As a 54-year-old ethical vegan, I am thrilled to see it out of the closet.
Laura Frisk, Encinitas

I regularly read the Los Angeles Times, and I am a Mormon. I was amazed Chelsea Handler was able to incorporate a slur against my religion in her article “Manners Matter.” I can’t believe you would publish something like that.
David M. Brown, St. Louis, Missouri

Editor’s Response: Handler writes that her own mother is Mormon.

Just wanted to congratulate you on a really spectacular November/December issue. I even enjoyed the ads, which were exceptional. I usually HATE ads, and I actually read these.
Doris Childs, West Los Angeles

Dear Academy Awards, It’s Oscar time, which for Hollywood is a time of glamour, star power and worse than usual traffic. But more important on a personal level, Academy Awards season marks my annual loss of $10 in the Oscar office pool. Every year, I screw it up because I can’t wrap my head around the voting logic of, “She was snubbed two years ago, so she’ll win this year to make up for it.” Really, how does that make sense? If that reasoning holds, shouldn’t Ralph Nader be the next president? And if this new math works for civilians like myself, then my future holds the title of president of the fifth grade! I was snubbed for this honor 24 years ago, so by my calculations, it’s about time. I think this year I’ll pass on the Oscar pool and keep my 10 bucks—though now I’ve gained hope that if I wait long enough, someday I’ll be rewarded for all the things for which I was passed over in the first place. After all, anything’s possible in Hollywood.
Jennifer Eolin

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