Dust-Up: U.S. energy security

Should the U.S. allow offshore drilling? What is the future of the personal automobile? All week, the Cato Institute's Jerry Taylor debates election-year energy policy with Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies Executive Director V. John White.

  • Powering the future

    Jerry Taylor says we should ignore energy crazes and let the market work. V. John White says what we do over the next decade is crucial.

  • Goodbye to the open road?

    V. John White says the only way we can keep our cars is to use them less and develop electric drive technologies. Jerry Taylor says only the free market should drive personal auto innovation.

  • Nukes to the rescue?

    Nukes to the rescue?

    Jerry Taylor and V. John White both say that building nuclear power plants is a non-starter, but they disagree on the role of government in funding alternative energy development.

  • Is T. Boone Pickens right?

    V. John White says the oil giant has done us a service by sparking a conversation on renewable energy. Jerry Taylor says Pickens is only trying to rig the energy market in his favor.

  • To drill or not to drill?

    Jerry Taylor says the federal government needs to remove restrictions on offshore drilling. V. John White says the focus ought to be on renewable energy, not oil.

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