Bicycle Brawl

Pedal-powered transportation is good for your health — no disagreement there. But should local governments and motorists accommodate it as a means of commuting equal to cars? L.A. blogger and cyclist Will Campbell and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Randal O'Toole (also a cyclist) debate bicycle infrastructure, planning and activism.

  • Critical Mass of frustration

    San Francisco has Critical Mass; L.A. has the Midnight Ridazz -- both can be nightmares for motorists. Do these gridlock-inducing bike rides help or hurt cyclists’ cause? Will Campbell and Randal O’Toole conclude their debate.

  • Abandon thy car?

    Should local governments encourage bike commuting as a way to alleviate the area’s chronic traffic congestion? Cyclists Randal O’Toole and Will Campbell continue their weeklong debate.

  • The bike world outside L.A.

    What other city (or cities) provide a good model that would allow Treks and Toyotas in L.A. to happily coexist? Cyclists Will Campbell and Randal O’Toole continue their debate.

  • Showing cyclists the money

    Last year, U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said that building bike lanes and paths isn't a good use of federal transportation dollars. Is she correct? Cyclists Randal O’Toole and Will Campbell continue their debate.

  • Huffy vs. Hummer

    Bike riders and auto drivers frequently come into conflict on L.A.’s roads. Who’s to blame? All week, cyclists Will Campbell and Randal O’Toole debate bicycle infrastructure and planning.

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