NFL in L.A.

Twelve years ago, the Rams and the Raiders left Los Angeles — and 12 years later, L.A. still doesn't have its own NFL team. How much should local officials do (and how much taxpayer money should they spend) to bring the NFL back to L.A.? And why not fútbol instead of football? Local sportswriter Scott Olin Schmidt and Coliseum Commissioner Barry A. Sanders debate.

  • Whose home is the Coliseum?

    Should the Coliseum Commission or should USC take over the stadium’s management? Should the NFL play a role in discussing the future of the Coliseum? Scott Olin Schmidt and Barry A. Sanders continue their debate.

  • Pro football’s political cheerleaders

    Bernard Parks and Mark Ridley-Thomas are vying to succeed Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke, so no matter who wins, the 2nd District will soon be headed by an even more enthusiastic supporter of bringing in an NFL franchise. How will that affect the dynamics of football in the city? Barry A. Sanders and...

  • NFL in L.A.

    Should Los Angeles be spending public money to attract an NFL franchise? Should a pro team play at the Coliseum? Isn’t professional football (unlike, arguably, baseball) usually a net loss for municipalities? All week, Barry A. Sanders and Scott Olin Schmidt debate pro football’s future in Los...

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