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Administrator2: Welcome, Bill!

GF: Hi Bill!

BrownBomber: yo billy...

Bill Plaschke: hi!

GF: Hi Bill. Anything new on the Kobe situation? What do you think he should do? Should he go ahead and have the surgery or take his chances and play through it?

eddie: Will Kobe's injury damage his game and the Lakers?

jay: Can you please tell Kobe to stop being Mr Hero man and get the surgery done so he can be healthy in 6 weeks

jay: I can give you about 27 million reasons why the lakers had better still make the playoffs Gasol 13 mil Lamar 14 mil end of story Kobe take a seat get healthy we love you!

Bill Plaschke: Remember when Kobe said tht this year felt like Christmas? I can't imagine him walking away from all those presents (Gasol, Bynum). I've been him play throuhg much worse

Bill Plaschke: although nothing is worse than my typos

Stefan: I saw you on tv about 2 months ago laughing and saying "bye bye kobe." What do you have to say now? Are you currently a kobe lover and hater? It seems to change daily with you.

GF: So Bill, you think he should play through it and take his chances? I see igt as a huge gamble

Bill Plaschke: I think kobe bryant is an incredible player...and an incredible whiner....and often it's hard to balance the two. Often I wonder if he's worth the trouble. This year, they've got good players, so he's into it. But if they didn't? Remember, Kobe was the biggest Bynum hater on the planet

PadresLakers: Do the Lakers have long term plans for their current young bench squad (Ariza, Turiaf, Sasha, Farmar)?

Bill Plaschke: They love all those bench guys...they fit perfectly both in terms of salary and ability. they're a huge reason for the lakers success

lester: Why does Luke Walton seem protected from criticism by the media and also by PJ? His level of play has never been very high yet he continues to be in the starting Laker lineup and play lots of minutes.

Bill Plaschke: luke does things that jackson loves...he passes well, he moves well through the offense...but I agree with you, lester, I'm not really seeing where he's contributing that much

BrownBomber: On Clemens and McNamee, will the evidence provided by McNamee ever be tested? If so, doesn't that end all the hoopla one way or another. if clemens DNA is on it, it's over. if it's not, it's over as well...right?

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GF: Enough of this kobe hating or loving! The concern here is his pinky. Do you thing he should take his chances and play through this?

Bill Plaschke: I can't imagine all can't imagine those 7-year-old bloody gauze and beer cans being admissable as evidence. those were just props. now it's all about clemens and perjury

lester: If President Bush pardons Clemens, does that mean he gets off with no penalty other than negative public opinion?

Bill Plaschke: I think kobe should play through pinky, because if he sits out season is done

Scott Seattle - LA Fan: What do all you scribes think of Simmers humor and the way he's viewed by the athletes and management in LA?

Bill Plaschke: bush can't get clemens into hall of fame. bush can't get clemens endorsements. clemens is done.

Busstrain: With the trade of Jason Kidd seeming to be dying slowly and painfully, do you see that Lakers making a move with him with Odom as trade bait?

Bill Plaschke: t.j. simers is perfect for our page 2...the problem occurs when folks take him seriously

GF: Most are saying that he should have the surgery since the lakers have a relatively stretch of schedule for the next couple of weeks....

lester: Good point Bill. Hit him in the wallet and ego.

Bill Plaschke: no way lakers get kidd...they don't need him and all his baggage right now. they can win without him if kobe's finger holds up

lester: Will the upcoming Suns game be a telltale sign of how Shaq will do and its effect on the Lakers?

Bill Plaschke: does anybody on this board really think shaq will help the suns? the suns, like clemens, are done

MikeNY: Bill, your Vero article was not at all representative of most Dodger fans.....shockingly you are way off-base in that view

MikeNY: Going by Torre's comments it like LaRoche and Eithier have to sigificantly outplay Nomar and Pierre this spring to get the that the sense you are getting?

MikeNY: Dodgers win the NL west in your opinion?

wil323la: IF the Dodgers stay Healthy can they win it all?

GF: ESPN is reporting that his pinky is in worse shape than people think

Bill Plaschke: mike, are you from new york? folks in l.a. are not going to miss vero beach one bit

lester: I think Shaq can pull off another decent season or two. But I think its up to Slimfast on how that unfolds.

Bill Plaschke: if dodgers stay healthy, they can win a playoff series, the first in 20 years, which is their goal. frankly, they HAVE to win a playoff series

wil323la: Who will be the odd man out in the Dodgers outfield Kemp or Ethier?

bruinmike: Hey Bill - any word on what the Dodgers will do with either Kemp or Ethier? As great as it is to have them both on the roster, I'd imagine one eventually becoming disgruntled over the platoon situation...

Bill Plaschke: but dodgers are not in same category as mets

Bill Plaschke: I think they'll end up benching pierre and putting both kids in the lineup

eddie: Does Ned Colletti (Dodgers' general manager) wear a hair piece?

wil323la: haha

Bill Plaschke: you asking ME about HAIR???

ddd: Bill, I thorougly enjoyed reading "I Live For This" You did an excellent job with that book. How was it to spend som much time with Tommy Lasorda while working on the book?

Bill Plaschke: I gained 20 pounds while working on lasorda book

Tony: Will Bynum be back in mid-March?

Bill Plaschke: Bynum will be back, but the question is, will he be 100 percent? Not until April, is my guess

bruinmike: so pierre becomes the most overpaid pinch runner...

Bill Plaschke: I also learned an entirely new language while working on lasorda book

wil323la: The Lakers are lying to everyone about Bynum in Mid March

wil323la: hes sone for the year

wil323la: done*

Bill Plaschke: well, if ethier and kemp both play well, dodgers will be winning, nobody will complain. if they struggle, pierre will take their place

wil323la: Nomar? Im done with this guy would he be comfortable backing up the kids at various positions?

Bill Plaschke: nomar needs to get comfortable being a backup, because I think laroche can win taht job

Scott Seattle - LA Fan: Is Dodger ownership good or bad for LA right now? do they deserve the critisism?

Bill Plaschke: dodgers ownership have gone great things to the stadium, fixing it up..I truly believe Frank McCourt is trying to make it a good experience for everyong. But in baseball, it's all about winning, and until they win a playoff series, folks will question whether he will spend the real money it takes

yu9\: Bill, don't you get the feeling that people who defend the Suns don't really know Shaq? I mean NOBODY in LA or Miami defends this trade, we know Shaq and we know the Suns are finished.

Bill Plaschke: people who defend suns are thinking about the shaq of five years ago. we know how fast he has aged

klove: Bill, should Kobe shut it down now?

DeCannibis: what is your opinion on kobes finger?

Quim: Hey Bill, a question from Spain? Do you think Bryant should have surgery?

Bill Plaschke: once again, I think kobe should play through it if he can...if he shuts it down, season is done..and then, maybe, kobe gets antsy again and wants to leave next year

wil323la: can we assume our starting rotation will be : Schmidtty,PEnny, Lowe, Bill, and Kuroda?

wil323la: The Mets?

Bill Plaschke: schmidt will be fifth starter if he is healthy..and that's a HUGE if..kuo will start in his place

Scott Seattle - LA Fan: I'm a rick Nuehisal (sic) fan and think he deserves this chance...what's your take on UCLA over the next couple years?

bruinmike: what are your thoughts on UCLA b-ball's chance at the title this year? They've been looking pretty suspect on defense lately...

wil323la: Schmidt? still not ready ? ahhhhhhhhh!

Bill Plaschke: ucla basketball team, if luc comes back healthy, WILL win national championship. Write that down. Save it.

eddie: when do you see an NFL team coming to L.A.?

Bill Plaschke: I've bee critical of ucla hoops in the past, but they've got it all together this year, plus no florida in the way

Bill Plaschke: nfl not coming here for a long, long time. We don't need them. they don't need us. everyone is happy watching it on TV

BrownBomber: I heard on ESPN that the NFL handed down its punishment on the patriots and belechek before the actual evidence was turned in. How did they know the punishment was worthy without seeing it first. That smells bad.

Bill Plaschke: brown bomber, I totally stinks to high heaven..they need a congressional hearing for NFL and cheating..seriously

fran77: Bill is it hard to write about a team or player, when you may not personally like them?

Bill Plaschke: fran, it's not hard...I try to view the player as the fan would view them. And, hey, I try to like everyone!

yu9\: Whats the latest on the USC program and Reggie Bush, Any chance NCAA sanctions coming down?

Bill Plaschke: ncaa is looking for smoking gun in bush case..something that would link bush's shenanigans to USC's knowledge of them. An e-mail, a tape, something. But they don't have anything, to my knowledge. So no sanctions.

lester: Bill, do you think the NBA will set up a regulatory body to oversee trades? Some owners/coaches are upset about Grizzlies giving Pau away.

Bill Plaschke: I'm stunned stern didn't do something about the Gasol trade. seriously. it was the one of the most one-sided trades in NBA history, Kupchak looks like a genius. Pau Gasol for a rack of balls

grecomeco: Hi Bill. I love your work on Around The Horn. What is your favorite part of the show?

Bill Plaschke: my favorite part of Around the Horn is when I win...which is almost never...East Coast bias, I claim regularly

Scott Seattle - LA Fan: Who do you think were the "big names" not mentioned in the Mitchell report?

wil323la: i dont like your work on around the show you always hate on the lakers, no matter how much they deserve it

fran77: how has the celebrity of sports writers (writers on TV sports show) changed what you write about if at all?

Bill Plaschke: I might get sued if I write that here, no? But there were many big names not in mitchell report. you can figure it out.

BrownBomber: It was a great year for boxing last year, even without proper coverage for by most media outlets. Dont you think Saturday's bout between Pavlik and Taylor deserves your attention?

Bill Plaschke: Hate the lakers? I don't think so. I've ripped Kobe, but not the lakers.

wil323la: it does

wil323la: Pavlik will win again

Bill Plaschke: being on sports shows doesn't change how we write. it just makes us more aware of what people are talking about.

wil323la: Favre? i didnt hear what you said about the last game. WOuld you agree if i said he lost the game for the PAckers?

Bill Plaschke: boxing has become a back-page sport, sadly...

Bill Plaschke: Favre blew the game for the packers, just as favre blows lots of games. Great guy, great quarterback, but tries to win it all with one wild pass every time.

grecomeco: Bill, what made you decide to take the Giants in the Super Bowl. Everyone on ATH laughed at you and you showed them who is boss with you ten-point bonus.

BrownBomber: but this is a great fight...why the back page...people know of this fight...

Bill Plaschke: I was in New England for their two playoff games and I was stunned at how ordinary they looked. I guessed that they were physically and emotionally wiped out. I got lucky. So did David Tyree.

fran77: do you think the buss kids can really manage the laker franchise going forward?

Bill Plaschke: the buss kids' heart is with the lakers and this town, their family has been great for this city. But I'll be interested to see them actually running the whole show. It could be wild.

wil323la: why do u think scoring is up in the nba? did the offense get better or is no one playing D anymore ?

Bill Plaschke: I think scoring is up because officiating, in the wake of last year's scandal, is looser.

Tony: Can we now say that Dr. Buss made the right choice by keeping Kobe and letting Shaq go?

ahj: hi bill. i heard a rumor about lou deng to the lakers for odom and mhims, is there any truth to that rumor?

wil323la: the nba is a joke

GF: Ironically it looks like they will be doing something about the Kidd trade due to the Stackhouse comments

wil323la: they lied to us about the fixing of the games

yu9\: Anybody looking into a overhaul for the absolutely arbitrary points system on around the horn? just throwing stats, real or now gets you face time

wil323la: stern said it was one person only

Bill Plaschke: no truth to deng for buss making right decision, NO, NO, NO...I don't care how fat Shaq is, the lakers would have won at least one more title if he had been forced to stay

wil323la: and espn reports it was as many as 20

eddie: Do you think NBA should be NBGA, National Basketball Ganster Association?

Bill Plaschke: Around the Horn has been such a success, I don't think they are going to mess with it.

grecomeco: Bill, have you had a chance to speak with Joe Torre yet?

Bill Plaschke: And it's unfair to say NBA is all ''gangsters''..most playes are good guys..a lot more troublemakers in the NFL

wil323la: the lakers dont win championships any more but you have to handover your moretage payment to make it to a laker game

Bill Plaschke: I spoke with Torre in L.A. this winter... I will see him in a couple of weeks in vero.

grecomeco: Bill, do you think Grady Little needed to go as manager of the Dodgers?

Bill Plaschke: I loved Grady but, it turns out he had lost the clubhouse.

lester: Bill, any opinion about UFC? Will it replace boxing or can boxing be restructured?

Bill Plaschke: when you lose the clubhouse in baseball, you are done

Scott Seattle - LA Fan: Has the cutback at the Times affected any reporting per se that you have seen? Will it?

lester: Lots of tats and attitude seems to go into all pro sports these days. Ashame when kids see that as inspiring.

wil323la: no real lakers fans can make it to the games , hollywood crowd that leaves during halftime.....

BrownBomber: Please, UFC has dropped off the sports had its 15 minutes, now it is done....

Bill Plaschke: I think UFC will eventually replace boxing..

grecomeco: Do you think Pete Carroll will eventually go back to the NFL?

Administrator2: Hi chatters-- Bill has to go at 1:30, but I bet if you ask REAL nice we can get him back for another chat very soon...

Bill Plaschke: cutbacks at times have fortunately not effected our reporting that much...they give sports good space and manpower because it's so popular.

BrownBomber: bill, did you just say ufc will replace boxing...are you nuts....?

Bill Plaschke: pete carroll will go back to nfl eventually

grecomeco: Are you on Around The Horn today?

BrownBomber: UFC champs cant even win back to back bouts...

Bill Plaschke: until boxing has ONE champion in each divisions, folks are losing interest.

lester: if you've been following UFC's popularity then you will see ratings are higher than ever

Scott Seattle - LA Fan: What else do the dodgers need to when in the playoffs....are they there yet? Who / what else do they need??

BrownBomber: where is chuck liddell now a days...he's gone...

eddie: How would boxing make it's comback when will it become the as big as Tyson vs Hollyfield or De la Hoya vs Chavez?

Bill Plaschke: yes, I'm on Around the Horn today..and I get unfairly blown out again!

BrownBomber: Tito is more popular because of who he is dating....

Bill Plaschke: dodgers need another starting pitcher...I bet they will have to trade for one later

grecomeco: Who would you rather go to dinner with, Mariotti or Paige?

wil323la: haha

grecomeco: How do they decide who goes on ATH on a particualr day?

BrownBomber: people dont buy boxing bouts because of how hard the times are...gas prices and such...but that dont mean the interest is not there...

Bill Plaschke: I have been to dinner with WoodyPaige many times..we are good friends...I have never gone out with Marriotti, our schedules have never matched up.

wil323la: ask about sports not about TV!

Quim: Bill, do you think the NL West is the toughest division out there?

GF: Do you honestly think that Kobe can play through this until June (hopefully)? Opponents are going to be taking shots at that hand....

Bill Plaschke: no, NL East is stronger, and EVERY AL division is stronger than NL West

Bill Plaschke: Kobe can play through anything, it seems

yu9\: You leaving the times anytime soon to write for ESPN like Adande?

Scott Seattle - LA Fan: Bill you are the greatest for chatting with us!! thanks...please do it again!

fran77: Thanks for your time Bill

Administrator2: If we didn't get to your question, we'll save it for next time. Sorry we don't have time for everything!

Bill Plaschke: Adande is THE MAN. I am only in his shadow. See ya!

lester: I agree Bill...... the pie is too sweet for Kobe to walk away. No way, he'll play until a limb falls off.

wil323la: oooooooh, million dollar question

wil323la: thanks man

Quim: Thanks Bill!!

wil323la: let me intern for you BIll!

Bill Plaschke: great stuff guys...see you next week, hopefully

Administrator2: Thank you Bill!

BrownBomber: boxing is not dead...

GF: Thanks Bill!

Bill Plaschke: I've got run, my typing fingers are deader than boxing, brown bomber

BrownBomber: that's a low blow...

Bill Plaschke: just kidding!!! see ya!!

Scott Seattle - LA Fan: Tell TJ some people out here love him too!!

GF: I am praying that Kobe miraculously gets a healthy hand

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lester: Thanks Bill. I'm fulfilled!..............haha

Administrator2: And we'll have another chat with Bill soon, so don't you worry.

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