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Most articles from the print edition of the Los Angeles Times appear on our website, latimes.com, but not always in the same format or length as in print. Sometimes articles are combined or separated for print or Web. Different versions of a wire service story may be displayed. Photos, headlines, graphics and other related materials may be different, and because of rights issues, certain articles cannot appear at latimes.com.

You also can find syndicated versions of Times articles on other websites.

When looking for print edition articles on search engines or at latimes.com, it is best to search for key phrases or bylines rather than exact headlines. Headlines for the Web are often different because of different space, context and Web requirements.

But if you wish to see the printed version of The Times, there are a variety of options:

The print edition of the Los Angeles Times can easily be found in Southern California at newsstands and by subscription at:


The e-edition is an online reproduction of The Times' print edition available by subscription:


The Times' print edition, as well as some Times blogs, are available at Amazon by subscription for Kindle devices:

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An archive of articles since the founding of the newspaper in 1881 can be searched, and individual articles can be purchased, through Proquest. Annual subscriptions to microfilmed copies of the daily newspaper are also available by subscription through Proquest.


Print edition articles can also be found through vendors such as Lexis-Nexis, Dow Jones/Factiva and NewsBank by subscribing to these services or accessing databases made available at public, school and university libraries, as well as through Web-based services such as Press Display.
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