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Chaminade is ready for basketball trip to China and has its own interpreter

In light of the trouble UCLA has experienced on its basketball trip to China, with three players being questioned and limited to their hotel because of shoplifting allegations, Chaminade is making special preparations for its own basketball trip to China next month for a tournament in Beijing.

Coach Bryan Cantwell happened to be havingĀ a meeting with his players about what they would be able to do and not do in China when news broke earlier this week about UCLA's problems.

Unlike the college players, Chaminade players must be with one of the six adults on the trip wherever they go.

They've been told that bartering and making deals is normal in certain areas, and Chaminade will have a secret weapon on its trip.

Sophomore Abe Eagle, who's 6 feet 8, is taking Chinese 4 and will be able to serve as an interpreter for teammates and adults. And he's supposed to be good at bartering.

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