The secret to cooking delicious dinners, anytime

The secret to cooking delicious dinners, anytime

Weeknight dinners can be an endless dilemma. You want a delicious, home-cooked meal on the weeknights, but evenings are rushed, plus you lack the time to plan menus and grocery shop. At last, there's a simple and delicious solution to escaping your cooking rut: Plated.

Plated, a New York-based meal subscription service now available across the continental U.S., delivers pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow menus right to your door, so you can prepare a delicious meal in about 30 minutes, any night of the week.

The Plated concept is simple:

Choose a delivery date.

Select from the week's wide array of exclusive, chef-designed recipes, many of which accommodate vegetarian diets.

Get all of the ingredients — perfectly portioned for the number of plates you ordered — in a chilled box on your doorstep, along with detailed instructions on how to cook the meal yourself.

No grocery shopping is required, and since the recipes are guaranteed to turn out well, there's no risk in trying new dishes. Also, unlike takeout, you always know exactly what's in your food, and you can ensure you're eating a balanced meal.

Plus, Plated provides a culinary-school crash course, introducing you to cooking methods, techniques, shortcuts and ingredients.

After the first few boxes, Plated's multidimensional recipes will have you turning quinoa and spring vegetables into succulent veggie burgers, and searing chicken in exotic Middle Eastern spices.

New cooks can start with the simpler recipes and then graduate to more difficult ones.

Along the way, you'll learn how to enhance dishes with ingredients like mirin, za'atar and harisa, which come with each delivery in perfectly measured portions so there's no risk of a dish going wrong.

Plated's recipes are written to include easy sequencing shortcuts along with tips (like how to reduce potato-baking times) so you can make the most of your time in the kitchen. You'll be mastering new techniques sure to inspire future meals, from steaming fish fillets in parchment paper to the secret to a perfectly chopped shallot.

Freshness and seasonality are a major component in all of Plated's recipes, giving you only in-season produce and antibiotic-free meats, along with resourceful guides for how to use them.