Phoebe Taylor and Micah Dunson

Phoebe Taylor and Micah Dunson tied the knot on Sept. 17 at the official center of the world — Felicity, Calif., a town (population, oh, around 5) founded in 1986 by Taylor’s grandfather Jacques-André Istel.

Of course, spin a globe blindfolded and just about any place you point to might be the center of the world, but only Felicity has been declared that by both Imperial County, Calif., and France’s Institut Géographique National.

Forty friends and relatives descended on the tiny town to celebrate the marriage of this pair who met in 2004 while they were working at Sunrise in Westlake Village, a residence for seniors.

Taylor, 27, is now wine and liquor sales representative for Young’s Market Co.  Micah Dunson, 31, is front office supervisor for the Ventura office of Radnet Inc., a medical diagnostic imaging company. He’s also a hip hop artist who performs under the name Mic Doja.

The Camarillo couple wed in the Little Church on the Hill, with classical guitar music provided by their friend Kevin Graham. It was followed by a reception at Istel’s house and then — in front of the illuminated pyramid that marks the center of the world — guests danced to a mix that progressed through the decades from Ray Charles to the latest hip hop, and included a special song, “So Lost,” written by the groom for his bride.

Then it was off to the Grand Canyon for a honeymoon and life as the center of each other’s worlds.

—Maxine Nunes
Custom Publishing Writer

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