Listen to Lucinda

Tuesday is Dump Your Significant Jerk Day. We suggest you take the advice of the holiday's inventor, Marcus P. Meleton Jr. of Orange County, and discard the louse in your life. Then head for the 4100 Bar in Silver Lake, where Jennifer Hubl will make you a Flaming la Cucaracha. "This," she says, "is how to celebrate getting rid of a cockroach." After you've downed the blend of Kahlua, Bacardi and Baileys, you'll be ready to kick back and listen to one of the great good-riddance songs. Sure, Ray Charles' "Hit the Road Jack" is one of them, but our favorite is "Greenville," by Lucinda Williams, left:

Don't wanna see you again or hold your hand

Cause you don't really love me you're not my man. . . .

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