Critic's Choice

A monthly series in which Times critics and columnists review the best places on Earth to pursue their particular passions.

  • To the East, a classical crescendo

    To the East, a classical crescendo

    Yoshikazu Mera stands less than 5 feet tall, barely a head higher than the closed lid of the piano next to him. His face appears ensnared in eternal boyhood. His hair is cut in a cuddly Beatle mop. He is wearing a white shirt with puffy sleeves and shoulders, billowing gold lamé pants, platform...

  • Chile: 4x4 by 4,000 miles

    One car, 16 days and 4,500 miles of Chilean roads.... You call this a dream drive?

  • Dance in unexpected places

    In venues as unlikely as an alleyway and a one-time brewery, a surprising contemporary scene takes wing in three Polish cities.

  • Oz at the head of the table

    In Australia's food-obsessed seaport city, chefs bring precision to their craft, reinterpreting Asian and Continental cuisines with the freshest ingredients. The world is taking notice.

  • Dublin, beyond the Blooms

    Dublin, beyond the Blooms

    Beneath Joycean kitsch, a visitor can find the literary soul of the city, past and present.

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