Bret Ratner

The director: Brett Ratner The crime: "Red Dragon" (2002) The story: Two hit Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker action flicks and a Nicolas Cage comedy didn't raise anyone's ire, but when Ratner dared to wade into the deeper cinematic waters tread by Jonathan Demme and Michael Mann before him, many bristled. How could a man written off as a slick studio hack presume to direct the great Anthony Hopkins in a remake of Mann's film, which was a prequel to Demme's Oscar-winner? The film was a hit, but critics were split. And when Ratner returned two years later with the action flick "After the Sunset," he recieved bad reviews and indifferent box office. Each of his projects since has received scorn, including "X-Men: The Last Stand," which had fans howling when he was brought aboard.
Glen Wilson / Universal Studios
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